Plastered switch design

Are you looking for an elegant integrated plastered switch design? We are delighted to introduce to you our universal line of plastered switches, called MATĀ. Grown with respect for tradition and craftsmanship, MATĀ combines the beauty of wall finishes with architectural simplicity in a timeless manner. We at Studio STRAF strive to design high quality architectural hardware that breathes simplicity and purity. MATĀ was born from a gratifying collaboration between SUMUM and STRAF. The word MATĀ originates from the Māori. Indigenous people of the mainland of New Zealand use it to refer to a 'bullet', which describes the form of the fine design of the buttons.

+ Exclusive designer furniture
+ Handmade quality
+ Unique custom products

The MATĀ integrated plastered switch design

The MATĀ integrated plastered switch design comes in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes. Are you interested in integrating our plastered switches in your projects? We would be delighted to help you further. Take a look at our collection or fill in the inquiry form on our website and we will assist you through the process with utmost care!

Natural materials

Since Atelier STRAF is vastly based on the belief that everything is interconnected with nature as a starting point, we care deeply about artisans who emphasize the importance of natural materials. With social responsibility, our custom furniture designs are thought out to stand the test of time.

Acquire more information about our integrated switch design

Are you interested in the possibilities of our integrated plastered switch design options, or do you have any questions about the MATĀ line? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are happy to further discuss the possibilities of integrated plastered switch design with you. Contact us by sending an email to

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