Minimalist architecture design in Belgium

Do you want more peace in your home with a sober minimalist architecture design and do you live in Belgium? The Studio STRAF team can create a warm environment of tranquility for your home, based on the link between humans and nature. Discover more about our sober minimalist design choices for our projects in Belgium.

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More about the sober, minimalist architecture design choices of our team in Belgium

Our sober minimalist architecture design is rooted in the essence of nature. Carefully designed pieces turn any space into an oasis of tranquility. These natural materials guarantee a warm finish, reflecting traditional craftsmanship and highlighting the magnificence of nature. As you can tell from our collections, we capture a lot of emotion in one color or shape. We have several pieces of furniture with a sober minimalist design on offer, including a high-end plaster coffee table. In addition, we also have lime plaster dining tables and side tables in different organic forms. All products can be tailor-made as well. Through interactive co-design meetings, we get to know our clients better, create sketches, preliminary plans and concepts.

Our other services

Do you own a hotel and are you looking for a professional team to help you with the hospitality design? Studio STRAF can help you. Our Belgian minimalist interior architecture design can help your hotel stand out. Thanks to an exclusive design table from STRAF, our Belgian design team can transform any space into a relaxing hub for the visitors of your hotel. Moreover, thanks to the use of natural materials, the rooms of your hotel will have a timeless and warm quality to them. Online, you will find many examples of our Belgian minimalist interior design and sober architecture to get a better understanding.

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Do not hesitate to ask our interior design team from Belgium questions about our sober minimalist architecture choices. We will be happy to provide you with additional information. We highly value close cooperation with our clients. Feel free to email us at Our service is available worldwide. If you want to receive frequent updates about our new product lines or if you are eager to be inspired on a regular basis, subscribing to our newsletter is a great idea. For more inspiration, you can also follow us on Instagram.

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