Designer dining table from Belgium

If you are looking for a high-end round designer dining table, Studio STRAF in Belgium offers the perfect solution. We put a strong emphasis on the relationship between interior and nature. This purity is reflected in the design of our exclusive furniture. Creativity is central to our vision. Choose us if you are specifically in search of a passionate team that, in close consultation with you, will add a unique, warm touch to your home. Read on and find out why our high-end round designer dining table is the best choice.

+ Exclusive designer furniture
+ Handmade quality
+ Unique custom products

Why purchase a high-end round designer dining table from us in Belgium?

Why purchase a high-end round designer dining table from our design studio in Belgium? Let’s start by stating the obvious. Unique furniture made with a passion for craftsmanship like ours, you will not find at big retailers such as IKEA. Moreover, working with us has a great advantage. We work very closely with our customers and offer custom-made solutions. We thoroughly enjoy that creative aspect while looking for the best solution for a space. We work exclusively with natural materials, another quality you cannot expect from larger dealers. Therefore, we attach great importance to the bond between nature and humanity. Nature is the starting point of everything. This is reflected in all our products, which can be seen in our various collections. You will see that Studio STRAF from Belgium not only offers the right high-end round designer dining table for you but also designer coffee tables.

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Our company is based in Belgium, but our services and products, such as our high-end round designer dining table, are available worldwide, including various European countries like Spain and Portugal. For additional information, you can easily contact us via

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