Stone tables and interior design in Spain

Are you wondering how stone tables fit into your interior in Spain, and would you like to learn more about the origin of their unique design? Our artistic team designed them based on people's relationship with nature. That special connection offers peace but is sadly gradually fading away. Studio STRAF is happy to help you bring that peace to your home interior. Read on and find out more about the design of our natural stone tables for your home interior in Spain.

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How stone tables enhance your home interior in Spain

The flawless combination of durable materials with the state of the art technologies is something we aspire. In this way, we manufacture a tailor-made product that is based on traditional architecture but above all looks very contemporary. Our aesthetic is based on a sober, minimalist style. Be sure to take a look at our handmade collections to find out if it suits your taste. Our interior products, such as the stone tables with unique design, are available worldwide: in Spain, the US, and European countries, such as Belgium, France, and Portugal.

Discuss your plans with us

As we present a product made to match the design style of the room you are going to live in, it is crucial that we have a precise idea of your needs. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us! Send an email to If you have any questions about our natural stone tables or about the design of your home, our team will be glad to answer them as well.

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