Designer dining table in Portugal

Our team at Studio STRAF will help you find a tailor-made solution if you wish to buy a designer dining table for your home in Portugal. Our design choices are based on nature since we strongly believe that nature is the starting point of everything we do in life. Nature is where we go to find peace of mind. Therefore, it is logical to implement this quality into our home interior design. Continue reading to find out why a designer dining table is a valuable addition to your house in Portugal.

+ Exclusive designer furniture
+ Handmade quality
+ Unique custom products

Why purchase a designer dining table for your house in Portugal?

Why would you purchase a designer dining table for your home in Portugal? Well, there are multiple reasons, but the main one is that a designer piece is an addition to any home that is completely unique. In other words, if you want to differentiate your home from the typical everyday look, designer furniture is an interesting option. Moreover, another huge advantage of buying a designer dining table is that we customize it to fit perfectly into your home in Portugal. These custom-made solutions are hand-made and excel in creativity. Browse through our collections and see it for yourself. Studio STRAF from Belgium offers more than the ideal designer dining table for you. Stone tables and designer coffee tables are also options.

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Even though our company is situated in Belgium, our services and products, such as our round design dining table, are also available in the US and several European countries such as Spain and Belgium and elsewhere in the world. If you need any extra information, you can easily contact us at

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